Financial app calculate tips

The problem

Write a program that reads the subtotal and the gratuity rate, then computes the gratuity and total. For example, if the user enters 10 for subtotal and 15% for gratuity rate, the program displays $1.50 as gratuity and $11.50 as total. Here is a sample run:

Enter the subtotal and a gratuity rate: 10 15
The gratuity is $1.5 and total is $11.5

Breaking it down

First, the program will asking the user to enter subtotal and gratuity while storing the values in two local variables gratuityTotal and gratuityRate. Next a method gratuity will calculate the gratuity for the bill and total will add the subtotal and gratuity total together. Finally a message will be outputted to the users.

public static void main(String[] Strings) {

    Scanner input = new Scanner(;

    System.out.print("Please enter the subtotal and gratuity rate: ");
    double subtotal = input.nextDouble();
    double gratuityRate = input.nextDouble();


    double gratuityTotal = gratuity(subtotal, gratuityRate);
    double total = total(subtotal, gratuityTotal);

    System.out.print("The gratuity is $" + gratuityTotal
            + " and total is $" + total);

private static double total(double subtotal, double gratuityTotal) {
    double total = subtotal + gratuityTotal;
    return total;

private static double gratuity(double subtotal, double gratuityRate) {
    double gratuityTotal = subtotal * gratuityRate * .01;
    return gratuityTotal;


Please enter the subtotal and gratuity rate: 100 10
The gratuity is $10.0 and total is $110.0