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Reducing spring start up times

Recently I was debugging an application where it was taking a really long time to load spring application context. The application server folks were complaining because they were getting paged and it was really making development painful as integration test were exceeding over 3+ minutes. We are dealing with lots of legacy xml configuration based modules and are moving to java config but it feels like a big pipe dream unless we were able to write a semi-automated script to convert applicationContext.xml to java config files.

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SVG fallback

There are still a few browsers that don't support SVGs so it is good practice to provide a proper fall back option. One technique to do this is to utilize the img tag onerror event. Lets say that your site uses all SVGs and if someone makes a request to your site with a browser that doesn't support SVGs this event is fired when an error occurs loading the image. Your HTML might look something like this:

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Enable gzip compression in java

If your web infrastructure doesn't handle gziping by default you can enable it by configuring a servlet filter within your java based web application. If you aren't familiar, gzip is a file format used to compress data written to the response and decompress data read from the request. This is a quick hit in reducing the size of the request over the wire whether it is html, JavaScript, css or REST assets especially if teams are focusing on "performance as a feature".

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