The inspiration

learn. code. eat.

Level Up Lunch was initially developed as a personal code reference to help during code reviews. We got tired of searching in Google and landing on results that were too wordy, loaded slowly, weren't copyable, and were more worried about SEO than solving problems.

Level Up Lunch is more than just a blog. It is a site developed by developers for developers and instead of words, we write code that you can interpret.

What we do

So here's what we're aiming for:

  • Provide examples of code you can easily copy and paste and try on your own.
  • Host all of the code in public GitHub repos, so you can clone, fork, pull, push, whatever...as much as your heart desires.
  • Target material to be consumed during a lunch hour
  • We aren't perfect so if you see something be respectfully blunt.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Matt Langer's creative mind and work on level up lunch's logo.