Display random month program

The problem

Write a program that randomly generates an integer between 1 and 12 and displays the English month name January, February, ..., December for the number 1, 2, ..., 12, accordingly.

Breaking it down

Java 8 simplifies this task in a couple of ways. First, the date/time api has been completely rewriting to include goodies found in joda. This allows you to use the Month enum once you have a generated number. Second, we can generate a range of numbers by calling random.ints. Prior to these features it would of required a case statement and some additional code.

public static void main(String[] strings) {

    Random random = new Random();

    OptionalInt randomNumberMonth = random.ints(0, 12).findFirst();

    String monthAsText = Month.of(randomNumberMonth.getAsInt())
            .getDisplayName(TextStyle.FULL, Locale.US);

    System.out.println("A random month is: " + monthAsText);