Convert celsius to fahrenheit

The problem

Write a program that reads a Celsius degree in a double value from the console, then converts it to Fahrenheit and displays the result. The formula to do so is:

fahrenheit = (9 / 5) * celsius + 32

Hint:In Java, 9 / 5 is 1, but 9.0 / 5 is 1.8. Here is a sample run:

Enter a degree in Celsius: 43
43 Celsius is 109.4 Fahrenheit

Breaking it down

First displaying message for a user to enter a number then setting users input to celsius for the calculation. One thing to be aware of is a user could enter something other than a number so should look to validate the input and provide a message back to the user. Calling the convertCelsiusToFahrenheit and passing celsius will return the calculation needed to display back to the user.

public static void main(String[] Strings) {

    Scanner input = new Scanner(;

    System.out.print("Enter a degree in Celsius: ");
    double celsius = input.nextDouble();


    double fahrenheit = convertCelsiusToFahrenheit(celsius);
    System.out.println(celsius + " degree Celsius is equal to "
            - fahrenheit + " in Fahrenheit");

private static double convertCelsiusToFahrenheit(double celsius) {
    double fahrenheit = (9.0 / 5.0) * celsius + 32.0;
    return fahrenheit;


Enter a degree in Celsius: 12
12.0 Celsius is 53.6 in Fahrenheit