Replace char within a string

This example will replace an occurrences of an old char with a new char within a given string using java and apache commons. There is multiple overloaded methods of String.replace so be sure to check the javadocs. The snippets below are random tweets from twitter where a String will be replaced by another String.

Straight up Java

public void replace_string_java() {

    String randomTweet = "I didn't realize that texting through "
            + "@GoogleVoice worked while riding on a "
            + "jet plane #forgottoblockport";

    String modifiedPhrase = randomTweet.replace("@GoogleVoice", "@GVoice");

    assertEquals("I didn't realize that texting through @GVoice "
            + "worked while riding on a jet plane #forgottoblockport",

Apache Commons

public void replace_string_apache() {

    String randomTweet = "Millennials are much more likely to share "
            + "personal data with retailers in "
            + "order to get customized offers";

    String modifiedPhrase = StringUtils.replace(randomTweet, "personal",

    assertEquals("Millennials are much more likely to share privae "
            + "data with retailers in order to get customized offers",