Minutes between two dates

This example shows how to find the number of minutes between two dates using Java 8 date time api and Joda time. We will set the start date by subtracting 1 day from the current date and the end date to today. Then we will find the number of minutes between the start date and end date which equates to 1440 minutes.

Java 8 Date and Time API

This snippet will find how many minutes are between two dates using java 8 Duration.between and ChronoUnit.MINUTES.between. Both approaches will calculate the amount of time between two temporal objects in the form of minutes.

public void minutes_between_two_dates_in_java_with_java8 () {

    LocalDateTime startDate = LocalDateTime.now().minusDays(1);
    LocalDateTime endDate = LocalDateTime.now();

    long minutes = Duration.between(startDate, endDate).toMinutes();
    assertEquals(1440, minutes);

    // or

    long minutes2 = ChronoUnit.MINUTES.between(startDate, endDate);
    assertEquals(1440, minutes2);

Joda Time

Using joda, this snippet will calculate number of minutes between two dates using Minutes.minutesBetween.

public void minutes_between_two_dates_in_java_with_joda () {

    // start day is 1 day in the past
    DateTime startDate = new DateTime().minusDays(1);
    DateTime endDate = new DateTime();

    Minutes minutes = Minutes.minutesBetween(startDate, endDate);

    int numberOfMinutesInDay = minutes.getMinutes();

    assertEquals(1440, numberOfMinutesInDay);