Cartesian product

A cartesian product returns every possible combination of two collections. In the instance of set A and B, the cartesian product is A X B. You can look at it as list multiplication. In the snippet below, we will use guava Sets.cartesianProduct to return every possible list that be formed by multiplying all the elements.

Google Guava

public void cartesian_product_guava () {

    Set<String> first = Sets.newHashSet("a", "b");
    Set<String> second = Sets.newHashSet("c", "d");

    Set<List<String>> cartesianProduct = Sets.cartesianProduct(first, second);

    List<String> b_c = Lists.newArrayList("b", "c");
    List<String> b_d = Lists.newArrayList("b", "d");
    List<String> a_c = Lists.newArrayList("a", "c");
    List<String> a_d = Lists.newArrayList("a", "d");

            anyOf(containsInAnyOrder(b_c, b_d, a_c, a_d)));


[[b, c], [b, d], [a, c], [a, d]]