Jekyll presentation at DSMJS

A few weeks ago I presented at the Des Moines JavaScript user group (dsmjs) on jekyllrb, a static site generator. You can check out my presentation slides.

I work remotely in the Janesville office and was scheduled to be in Des Moines IA. I recenlty read Do Not Be a One Trick Pony and to summarize in one sentence "Push yourself to learn new technologies because you will be more valuable, more marketable". You see I have been working in a basement and have grown to be an introvert so I have been seeking things to push myself out of my comfort zone.

When @ericpono heard I was in town he asked if I would put together something to present at dsmjs. I would probably lean on calling it "strongly encourage" or "strong armed" me into presenting. I was nervous at first, even with my experience of presenting in front of various crowds. So I agreed.

While I would say the presentation could of gone better, it could of been the day or maybe just how hard I always grade myself. The best part was I got to talk about technology and be around others that had an interest in it. In addition to, I learned about remark a markdown driven slideshow.

Lots of folks think they will never need to find another job but if you push yourself to do things you aren't comfortable with, you will have a greater experience learning and creating relationships. Heck, in the event you have an opprotunity to encourage someone else, I am sure they will thank you (when it is over).