Spring boot application properties

If you started using spring boot or configured actuator for a traditional app, you probably have been introduced to the application.properties file. Your next thought is, where is the comprehensive list of properties that can be provided?

Dave Syer indicates in a stack overflow post that it isn't technically possible to generate a comprehensive list nor is there one documented. From the sounds of it, the spring folks and the community will document as much as possible.

Ok, well what to do?

  1. The definitive list can be compiled by searching @ConfigurationProperties, @Value and an occasional RelaxedNames
  2. A non-exhaustive list and quite possibly inaccurate boot application.yml contains a sample of properties.
  3. Lastly you can reference the how to spring boot reference guide on github.

Unfortunately, there isn't a silver bullet to find what is available but hopefully the hints above get you where you need.